Certified Program

30 ECTS is awarded for this post-graduate, low-residency, two-semester course offered by the Danube University Krems since 2007. This masters level program that can be upgraded to the Master of Arts in Image Science. Creative Eastern Europe Scholarship Application deadline: Jan 30 1, 2019. Course start March 30, 2019.

Exhibition Development :: post-graduate course

The Master of Arts programs in IMAGE SCIENCE at Danube University are the only international Masters programs focusing on preparing image, art and media professionals plus multi-discipline researchers through a deep exploration of diverse histories, futures and methodologies. EXHIBITION DEVELOPMENT is an important element of the applied studies in Image Science available for students from academic, design or manangement disciplines. COURSE STRUCTURE In addition to individual study and project work at your home location, students gather 3 times for week-long intense and enriching sessions with internationally noted practicioners and scholars. Students may travel to Europe only for the modules, or can be eligible for longer visas. Thus, working professionals can maintain their usual employment, and students entering directly after a Bachelor’s degree will have opportunity to gain valuable career experience while they study. Students may be admitted on the basis of a previous degree or significant working experience.

Newest Publication :: Museum and Archive on the Move: Changing Cultural Institutions in the Digital Era. Ed. Oliver Grau with Wendy Coones & Viola Ruehse.

Exhibition Strategies :: Exhibition as Media

The exhibition medium is one of the most innovative areas of modern culture and economy. Globalization and digitization are revolutionizing forms and strategies of exhibition development, their interpretation, reception and international expansion. The definition of exhibition is expanding to the virtual, public, private and hitherto philosphical spaces.